„Handmade“ ingoFonts

Script fonts: type close to the roots…
Type is descendant of writing.
Writing on the computer is actually nonsense — well, actually…

ingoFont Anatole France

Absolut Sketch

The „sloppy“ version
of the sans serif Absolut

ingoFont Anatole France

Anatole France

Semi-bold, decorative poster type in the style of Art Deco; in conformity with a script pattern ca. 1920/30, Karl Schäffer

ingoFont Anatole France

BD Lettering

The Comic-Script
by ingoFonts

ingoFont Biró Script

Biró Script

An individual font
handwritten with
a ball point pen

ingoFont Bruta Woodcut

Bruta Woodcut

An alphabet originally
carved in wood

ingoFont Conté Script

Conté Script

An individual font handwritten with a pencil

ingoFont DeBorstel


Personalized cursive written with the pointed brush

ingoFont Die Lara

Die Lara

A girl’s handwriting
written on the iPad

ingoFont Diesel Rudolf Script

Diesel Rudolf Script

Write like the inventor of the diesel — with ingoFont’s Diesel Rudolf Script (according to Rudolf Diesel’s handwriting) it’s possible…

ingoFont Deutsche Schrift Callwey

Deutsche Schrift Callwey

So-called Deutsche Schreibschrift (German handwriting); according to a sample from ca.1920/30

ingoFont Façade


Handwritten decorative font with brush characteristics

ingoFont Fixogum


A font from a tube; very decorative; makes you think of graffiti; written freely with a tube of ”Fixogum“

ingoFont Hero


A type of ”handwriting“ discovered by chance, extremely abstract

ingoFont Hero

Iris’ Hand

The ballpoint pen woman’s handwriting

ingoFont Klex


A calligraphic alphabet in bold/light brushstrokes

ingoFont Maier's Nr.8

Maier’s Nr. 8

Very geometrical sketched
”script for technicians“
from ca. 1900

ingoFont Maier's Nr.21

Maier’s Nr. 21

Geometrical sketched ”script for technicians“ from ca. 1900

ingoFont Marleen Script

Marleen Script

An individual font
handwritten with
a sharp pencil

ingoFont Palmona


A rustic black letter from the 1930ies. With alternate letter forms

ingoFont TobyFont


Playful handwriting of a child

ingoFont Tube Script

Tube Script

A ”wet“ font from the tube